27 sermons

Religion vs Relationship

Phil Chadder

keywords: performance, heart, God, people pleaser, wedded, bride

Are you a Performance Pete or a Heartfelt Harry? Phil Chadder tries to illustrate the difference between appearance and reality.

A blank cheque

Mark Prentice

keywords: John 14, plead, ask, prayer, name

Jesus presents a blank cheque to the church with the promise to ask for anything in his name.

When Home Is Calling

Richard Bewes

keywords: prodical, son, prayer, descision, disaster, home

A simple decision. A simple prayer is all it takes! Are you going to have to deal with disaster before you take the next step!

Drops from a leaky tap

George Verwer

keywords: Sending, Church, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Work

In this vivid sermon, George Verwer, founder of 'Operation Mobilisation' thrills his listeners with this early account of the sending-out of Christ's messengers from the church of Antioch, and challenges us to re-create Antioch churches for today!

The Heart of Christian Living

George Verwer

keywords: christ, heart, christian, living, galatians

George Verwer goes straight to the heart of Christian living with this vibrant message on Galatians 2:20. Where does the momentum, the drive for credible discipleship find its origin? It is when the believer, in practical, everyday living becomes identified with Christ crucified that the world sits up and notices!

A miraculous possibility

Paul Blackham

keywords: prayer, bible, intimacy, atheist

In the face of today's atheist scoffings at prayer, Paul Blackham speaks on prayer according to Jesus. But he also tracks back to the very beginning of prayer in the Bible, and on to the privileged face-to-face intimacy that is ours!!

Prayer- What Do I Say?

Steve Levy

keywords: Prayer, frustration, assurance, isolation

When prayer seems empty and unheard, where is the God who splits the rocks and parts the waters? How do we pray in bereavement, at school, in the work place, when God seems to need waking up? This psalm assures the believer that it’s okay to pray what is on our heart, in the sure knowledge that God does hear - and that He is not against us.

Why Bother with Prayer?

John Mason

keywords: Prayer, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Power, The Will, Lifestyle, Endurance, Spirituality.

Here is Sydney-born John Mason leading us, with authentic Biblical integrity, to the vital ‘vertical relationship’ with God, and into the secrets of spiritual growth and a genuine Christian lifestyle. Enter into the prayer and dream of the apostle Paul - to be a quality Christian believer!

The other Lord's Prayer

Mike Reeves

keywords: heart, prayer, love

Mike brings the thrilling truth, not only that Christ our High Priest prays for us as gemstones on his heart, but that we may do the same for others!

Check-up Time

Alex Ross

keywords: Character, self-satisfaction, humility, prayer

Here is a parable of Jesus- a shocking story with a suprising conclusion. Alex says, 'I have found this parable a real help in my Christian life.'

Joyful Effectiveness

Gordon Bridger

keywords: Joy, prayer, division, discontent

College principal Bridger brings us a sermon that will encourage any church fellowship experiencing disharmony, lack of joy or 'ineffectiveness.' Look out for the four 'hindrances' in YOUR group!

The God who Answers!

George Verwer

keywords: Prayer, truth, idolatry, opposition, depression, encouragment

World-reavelled George Verwer draws on his experience as he takes us to the adventures, the highs- and lows- of Elijah, the prophet of fire; a man not unlike any of God's followers today!

Four Marks of the Disciple

David Coffey

keywords: Character, Discipleship, Godliness, Prayer

By what process can character be built? We are led to a Gospel visual aid in Simeon, who – in his belief that God was always at work in his world, and faithfully focused on Christ’s coming – would die happy.


Barry Cooper

keywords: Clean and Unclean, Tradition, the Heart, Evil.

What is it that makes someone ‘unclean’ – according to the Bible’s teaching? Barry Cooper compellingly unfolds this passage from the teaching of Jesus – seen here as both a doctor and as God!

With God in the Darkness

Richard Bewes

keywords: Sorrow, Loss, Prayer, Destiny, Bereavement

Can God hear the feeblest of our prayers when the darkness sweeps in? From the example of King David in flight after a coup, follow Richard Bewes' argument, and his stories, drawn from his own experiences, from Dick Whittington and even Billy Graham's cat.

It's all about the Glory

Paul Levy

keywords: Glory Mount prayer

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus exposes sham religion, and gives the world his model prayer -- with its top request, for the hallowing of God's Name. Omit that, and all is lost.

Exceedingly Abundant!

Martin Durham

keywords: Prayer, Authority, Expectation, Simon Peter, Power

The minutes will speed by as international evangelist Martin Durham draws on story after Bible story of God at work - interlaced with thrilling episodes of modern Gospel outreach. Let your expectations and prayers soar heavenwards over these next few minutes!

Before a watching world

Alec Motyer

keywords: Evil, Adversity, Assurance, Prayer, Refuge, Psalm

Here is David at prayer, with watchful enemies on every side. Today’s believers face similar challenges, but with the shield of God’s righteousness can learn how to start the day, how to plan the day, and what to expect every day!

The significance of one word

Alec Motyer

keywords: Peace, Presence, Anxiety, Prayer, Martha

Here’s a passage that shows us a God-given way to solve problems. We don’t need to be as Martha was, the day she was so hassled. Let’s learn of the peace of the Lord and the God of peace – and look out for the conjunction ‘bridge’ word here!

I’ll take crumbs any day

Andy Dow

keywords: Anxiety, Faith, Prayer, Answers, Silence, Persistence, Humility, Truth, Love

Let’s learn from Jesus as he takes a mini-break, only to be faced by a non-Jewish woman – in desperation for her daughter…. and whose persistent faith won’t take “No’ for an answer!

What is Worship?

Michael Baughen

keywords: Worship, Service, Heart, Awe, Joy, reverence

Description: Bishop Michael draws extensively from the Bible as he powerfully explains Worship as doing business with God as we engage with Him from the heart. And worship does not stop after a meeting at church. It is to be a daily foretaste of heaven!

Learning the language of Praise

Simon Vibert

keywords: Praise, Worship, the Heart, Gratitude, Singing

In this sermon, Dr. Vibert makes the point that God always has the first word; prayer takes the form of answering speech, and thus praise represents the overflow of a grateful heart, and is itself a reflection of what the whole of Creation is saying! Here is much to inspire the praise of our own hearts - and of those in our meetings of fellowship.

Entering the Sanctuary’

Edmund Chan

keywords: Weariness, despair, darkness, the wicked, pilgrimage, satisfaction, prayer, long-term, God’s presence, desires, foundation, eternity

This sermon meets us when the tasks of life become wearisome; when we want to give up, but cannot! Asaph the psalmist struggles with this and other issues, such as the prosperity of the wicked. But as he enters ‘the sanctuary of God’ in prayer, three lessons raise his whole outlook – and they will for us!

Life’s Foundation

Edmund Chan

keywords: Readiness for life, aims, priorities, hearing, doing, foundations, God’s Word, truth, application, discipleship, storms

Edmund Chan draws a fascinating contrast between the two admirable builders, described in Christ’s famous parable. He then applies it vividly to our competitive modern world. Preachers! Bible class leaders! Get to re-tell this message in your own words – and expect this passage to light up your own fellowship!

Crucified with Christ

Edmund Chan

keywords: Identity, Leadership, the Church, Discipleship, the Heart, Crucifixion, motivation

What Edmund Chan calls ‘A discipleship Deficit’ is afflicting many Christian leaders and great segments of the Church at the present time. We can put on great programmes, says Edmund – and still miss the point completely. We are to move on from ‘Commitment’ to something far more radical. Let’s learn it today!

The Harvest and the Workers!

George Verwer

keywords: Action, Christian Work, Harvest, Prayer

Having himself preached and worked in 100 countries, George Verwer introduces us to Jesus – supremely the Man of Action – and helps even the most reticent to grab a piece of the action ourselves!

What is your reputation?

George Verwer

keywords: Euodia and Syntyche, the Book of Life, Anxiety, Joy, Thanksgiving, Prayer, Purity

The quarrelling between two Philippian women even got their names into the Bible! In a world of hate and negativity, George seizes on this golden chapter - written by a man in prison – to prove where the greater power lies!