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From Richard Bewes: Over 100 years ago DL Moody of Chicago said, “If you have got a sermon that is good for anything at all, pass it around!” Yes, we preachers desire to ‘preach Christ Jesus as Lord’ to viewers worldwide - in about 12 minutes or so! Besides the newer sermons featured on this Home Page, you may click to ‘Browse’ (above) for scores more sermons!


Barry Cooper

What is it that makes someone ‘unclean’ – according to the Bible’s teaching? Barry Cooper compellingly unfolds this passage from the teaching of Jesus – seen here as both a doctor and as God!

Who is Jesus?

Rico Tice

keywords: Jesus, Identity, Evidence, Trust, Mark, Gospel, Jairus

The Harvest and the Workers!

George Verwer

keywords: Action, Christian Work, Harvest, Prayer

The Longings of Job

Roger Carswell

keywords: Job, Satan, Suffering, Job’s Comforters, Mediation, Redemption

World Mission

Steve Levy

keywords: Mission, the Body of Christ, the Church, Fellowship, Unity

Where is God in a world of suffering?

Glen Scrivener

keywords: Moses, the martyrs’ blood, the Angel of the Lord, Burning Bush, Suffering

She took and ate

Alec Motyer

keywords: the human family, Death, Peace with God, Human Nature, Jesus’ Invitation


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