Phil Chadder
Phil Chadder Since 2007, the Rev Phil Chadder has been Senior Chaplain at HM Brixton -Britain’s oldest prison. Earlier, he gained his academic degree at Exeter University, and progressed from there to London’s well-known theological college of Oak Hill. From there he became ordained to the ministry of the anglican church in 2003, and served in the parish of Great Chesham for four years before his appointment at Brixton.

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Religion vs Relationship

Phil Chadder

keywords: performance, heart, God, people pleaser, wedded, bride

Are you a Performance Pete or a Heartfelt Harry? Phil Chadder tries to illustrate the difference between appearance and reality.

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Do you constantly impose rules upon yourself and others alike? Come on! Don't be like a legalistic pharisee. Let Phil Chadder school you into how to escape from your rigorous routine that will ultimately lead you into a restful righteous reality.