Steve Levy
Steve Levy Stephen Levy is one of two well-known Welsh preachers. He was born in Swansea, delivered by his own father in the absence of the midwife - on the coldest day of the year.

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Prayer- What Do I Say?

Steve Levy

keywords: Prayer, frustration, assurance, isolation

Psalm 44:20 - 26

When prayer seems empty and unheard, where is the God who splits the rocks and parts the waters? How do we pray in bereavement, at school, in the work place, when God seems to need waking up? This psalm assures the believer that it’s okay to pray what is on our heart, in the sure knowledge that God does hear - and that He is not against us.

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Also by Steve Levy

When suffering takes over

“Don’t yearn for answers now.” Here, sensitively and encouragingly, are opened up the options facing Job in the loss of everything. When suffering takes us over - and in panic we are running faster than ourselves - ‘Go to Job”, says Steve Levy, and he also adds “Go to Jesus” - Job’s Redeemer– who is “praying for us every second, every minute of every day.”