The Holy Spirit

15 sermons

Drops from a leaky tap

George Verwer

keywords: Sending, Church, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Work

In this vivid sermon, George Verwer, founder of 'Operation Mobilisation' thrills his listeners with this early account of the sending-out of Christ's messengers from the church of Antioch, and challenges us to re-create Antioch churches for today!

Two Ways to Fight

Tom Parsons

keywords: conflict, spiritual, David, Goliath, Battle, Victory, Fear, Boldness, Courage

Here is the age-old story of David and the giant Goliath that has become known all over the world. In this vivid message, Tom Parsons outlines for us all what spiritual battle really means, and how the believer is not to be fooled or intimidated by appearances of overwhelming power.

How Thirsty are You?

Alex Ross

keywords: Holy Spirit, thirst, universal, generosity

No one is good enough to receive God's indwelling Holy Spirit, says Alex Ross. Yet, from Jesus' momentous promise comes the assurance that anyone from anywhere may come to Him, and drink from the Spirit's river of life- if they are thirsty enough!

Why Bother with Prayer?

John Mason

keywords: Prayer, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Power, The Will, Lifestyle, Endurance, Spirituality.

Here is Sydney-born John Mason leading us, with authentic Biblical integrity, to the vital ‘vertical relationship’ with God, and into the secrets of spiritual growth and a genuine Christian lifestyle. Enter into the prayer and dream of the apostle Paul - to be a quality Christian believer!

The First Christian Martyr

Martin Durham

keywords: Witness, opposition, courage, the ascension, the Holy Spirit

What is true martyrdom? In this stirring Bible passage we are introduced to a servant of Christ who is bold, full of grace- and filled with the Holy Spirit, as he forgave those who were about to kill him. And how is one filled with the Holy Spirit? Look out for Martin Durham's five A's! Who knows; it could be your turn one day.

The Succession

John Taylor

keywords: Elijah, Elisha, Ministry, The Spirit of God, Taking Over

Here is a thriller of Elisha, the Apprentice, taking over from Elijah, the long-term prophetic force in Israel- as the chariot of fire whirls him away. Learn to see yourself in Elisha as YOU take up the discarded prophetic mantle for today's world!

Remembering the Passover

Chris Sugden

keywords: Passover, Holy Communion, Blood, Lamb of God, Human Rights

Here, in the celebration of the deliverance from Egyptian oppression, was the beginning of a new age for the people of Israel. The Passover sacrifice that night would forever foreshadow the future sacrificial death of Christ for the deliverance of His people worldwide!

The Valley of the Dry Bones

Richard Bewes

keywords: Israel and Judah, Nebuchadnezzar, Jerusalem, Restoration, The Holy Spirit, the Church

‘Can these bones live?’ is the question facing servants of God from Ezekiel onwards – when confronted by spiritual decadence on every side. Richard draws attention to the ’breath’ of God, the Holy Spirit himself, who creates life out of hopelessness!

Related to God by the Trinity

Chris Sugden

keywords: Trinity, Authority, Christ’s divinity, the Holy Spirit, Evangelism

Chris Sugden explains that the relationship of the believer to God is explained by the thrilling truth of the Father’s will, the incarnate Son and the Spirit’s presence in the believer. It is now that we can meet God in person and go in Christ’s authority to the whole world!

Understanding Pentecost

Alec Motyer

keywords: Pentecost, Spirit Baptism, the Comforter, Tongues, Filling, Gifts

We invite friends everywhere to view this sermon as a memorial tribute to Alec Motyer, one of the outstanding scholars and preachers of our time.

Here Alec Motyer explains the dramatic four things that happened at the spectacular dawn of a new era of the Holy Spirit. Follow the preaching – and be thrilled with this – the portion of every believing Christian!

The Baptism of Jesus

Mark Prentice

keywords: Baptism, Baptism of Jesus, Joy in heaven, the Holy Spirit, Water, Renewal, New Creation, Love of God

Here is a Baptism unlike all others! The joy of heaven, the coming of the Dove – and the consequent triggering of all that Jesus will do for us, following his baptism. In Christ the Father is saying to each of US, “I love you.”

Do you want to be blessed?

Rodney Queen

keywords: Character, fruitfulness, God’s Law, meditation, the righteous and the wicked, Judgment

Here is one of America’s most trusted preachers, bringing to us the secrets that lie behind the forming of a life and character that truly prospers. This psalm – with both encouragements and warnings - can be said to be foundational to the entire Psalter.


Simon Vibert

keywords: John the Baptist, Messiah, Messengers, Servanthood, the Lamb, Spirit Baptism

This sermon introduces us to John the Baptist, no more than a ‘Voice’ pointing his listeners to Jesus, ‘the Word’; no more than a Messenger of Jesus – who is the Message itself. Let’s learn from this sermon of the two great tasks that John declared would characterize the coming Messiah. What Would Jesus Do? And what would JOHN do that we could emulate?

Answer Me!

Richard Bewes

keywords: Antiochus Epiphanes, Decision, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Trial of Christ, Pontius Pilate, Good Friday, the Cross

Richard Bewes starts with a story from a Syrian dictator, of 168 BC - and then speaks on those moments when decisions facing us can be delayed no longer. It happened to a city, then to Pontius Pilate at the trial of Jesus Christ…. the big question being “What am I going to do with Christ?”

Go and Make Known The Gospel

Roger Carswell

keywords: The Cross, Resurrection, Prophecy, Repentance, Forgiveness, the Trinity, The Gospel, Witness

Here Roger Carswell winsomely speaks of Christ’s words at Easter, to two downcast friends on the Emmaus Road. Before revealing his risen identity, he first explains that the earlier Scriptures were all pointing to him, and the necessity of his death and resurrection. Look out for Roger’s stories – and the four great things that they – and we – are to take in, and pass on!