Simon Vibert
Simon Vibert In September 2017 the Rev Dr Simon Vibert became Senior Pastor of Christ Church, Virginia Water, in England’s county of Surrey. Until then, he had been Vice Principal of Wycliffe Hall Theological College in Oxford, where he was Director of the School of Preaching. Following a short career in Banking, Simon was ordained for Christian ministry in 1989, before serving at churches in Carlisle, Buxton and Wimbledon.

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Simon Vibert

keywords: John the Baptist, Messiah, Messengers, Servanthood, the Lamb, Spirit Baptism

John 1:15 - 35

This sermon introduces us to John the Baptist, no more than a ‘Voice’ pointing his listeners to Jesus, ‘the Word’; no more than a Messenger of Jesus – who is the Message itself. Let’s learn from this sermon of the two great tasks that John declared would characterize the coming Messiah. What Would Jesus Do? And what would JOHN do that we could emulate?

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Discipleship – from two blind men

Here, Simon Vibert guides us through three chapters of Mark’s Gospel that deal with what it means to follow Christ – and shows us how two separate incidents involving the healing of a blind man act as ‘bookends’ in helping men and woman themselves to ‘see’ clearly what discipleship means.