Alex Ross
Alex Ross Alex Ross, began in Christian ministry on the edge of London, England, in Northwood, and went on to lead the work at churches in Basingstoke, then Hove on Britain’s south coast, and finally back in London before embarking on a wider front. He has preached in a number of countries, ranging from the West Indies to the far east, and has been involved in work with the Billy Graham team. His lives near Oxford with his wife Lynne.

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How Thirsty are You?

Alex Ross

keywords: Holy Spirit, thirst, universal, generosity

John 7:37 - 39

No one is good enough to receive God's indwelling Holy Spirit, says Alex Ross. Yet, from Jesus' momentous promise comes the assurance that anyone from anywhere may come to Him, and drink from the Spirit's river of life- if they are thirsty enough!

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'Remember Lot's wife!'

Alex connects Jesus' reference to a human catastrophe in Genesis 17 to the Event that could signal the last day of the world as we know it- with a plea to us all to establish life's true priorities while there's time!