Chris Sugden
Chris Sugden Canon Dr Chris Sugden is an ordained minister of the Church of England. He is married to Elaine, a cancer consultant. Chris and Elaine have three adult children- Judith who is married to Phillip, Jeremy who is married to Susan, and Joanna. They have four grandchildren, an allotment and a Morris Minor. After an assistant pastorship in Leeds, where he also worked in the BBC, Chris and Elaine spent 6 years with their children in India. In 1983 they returned to England and were part of the team that established the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. He is an honorary canon of St Luke's Cathedral Jos, Nigeria. He has also served as chairman of the trustees of Traidcraft. He became executive secretary of the newly formed Anglican Mainstream in November 2004. Anglian Mainstream is a network of evangelical and orthodox networks in the United Kingdom.

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Remembering the Passover

Chris Sugden

keywords: Passover, Holy Communion, Blood, Lamb of God, Human Rights

Exodus 12:1 - 51

Here, in the celebration of the deliverance from Egyptian oppression, was the beginning of a new age for the people of Israel. The Passover sacrifice that night would forever foreshadow the future sacrificial death of Christ for the deliverance of His people worldwide!

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Related to God by the Trinity

Chris Sugden explains that the relationship of the believer to God is explained by the thrilling truth of the Father’s will, the incarnate Son and the Spirit’s presence in the believer. It is now that we can meet God in person and go in Christ’s authority to the whole world!