Richard Bewes

Richard Bewes

Richard Bewes, son of famous missionary parents, was born and raised on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya , along with his two brothers and sister - 'the most tranquil upbringing a child could have had.'

Richard came to England for his secondary education, before going to Cambridge University (UK) as an undergraduate. He then went on to study for the ordained ministry at Ridley Hall Theological College, Cambridge.

After leading two churches in the south-east of England with his wife Liz, Richard Bewes was appointed by the Crown as Rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, following in the succession of John Stott and Michael Baughen. Over the years as leader of All Souls, the international nature of the congregation (embracing some 70 nationalities) continued to develop with some 2,500 coming through its doors every Sunday. During Richard's time, the facility to listen to sermons online was achieved, and a 'virtual weekly global internet congregation' stands as one of the many legacies of his time in post. He chaired the Church of England Evangelical Council throughout the 1990s.

Stepping down from All Souls in November 2004, Richard was awarded the OBE by the Queen in the New Year of 2005.

Latest Sermon by Richard Bewes

Answer Me!

keywords: Antiochus Epiphanes, Decision, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Trial of Christ, Pontius Pilate, Good Friday, the Cross

Richard Bewes starts with a story from a Syrian dictator, of 168 BC - and then speaks on those moments when decisions facing us can be delayed no longer. It happened to a city, then to Pontius Pilate at the trial of Jesus Christ…. the big question being “What am I going to do with Christ?”
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Answer Me!

keywords: Antiochus Epiphanes, Decision, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Trial of Christ, Pontius Pilate, Good Friday, the Cross

The trashing of our past

keywords: Trial of Christ, Forgiveness, Martyrdom, Revenge, Blood, the Cross

The Mountain Top Experience

keywords: Transfiguration, Glory, Son of God, Mountain-top, Moses, Elijah, Discipleship

When Foundations are Shaking

keywords: Christianity, Politics, Religious Revisionism, Foundations, Culture, Saul, David, Isolation, Civilization, Intimidation, God’s throne

The World-Wide Challenge of Evil

keywords: Evil, persecution, martyrdom, the Fall, Goodness, the Devil, Victory, Conflict, Unity, Direction

The World- In One Place!

keywords: encouragement, apostle Paul

Having 'Calvary' to ourselves

keywords: The Cross, Peter, Judas Iscariot

Who Can Crack the Code?

keywords: Life, meaning, World-view, Purpose, Answers, Direction

You can't stop Jesus

keywords: Resurrection, Adversity, Persecution, Boldness, Witness.

Jehu - A Magnificent Blip

keywords: Jehu, Drive, Initiative, Control, Character,

The Wake-Up Call!

keywords: Sleep, revolution, morality, paganism, standards, light, self, wakefulness

The Valley of the Dry Bones

keywords: Israel and Judah, Nebuchadnezzar, Jerusalem, Restoration, The Holy Spirit, the Church

Life's Switching Lodgers

keywords: weeping, joy, lodgers

When Home Is Calling

keywords: prodical, son, prayer, descision, disaster, home

End of a Feud

keywords: Reconciliation, Hypocrisy, Fear, Grace

With God in the Darkness

keywords: Sorrow, Loss, Prayer, Destiny, Bereavement

Approved by God

keywords: Training, Service, the Word, Evangelism, Truth, Character

The Dilemma of God's Love

keywords: Israel, Patience, Remembrance, Forgetfulness, Watchfulness, Atheism, Justice, Mercy, the Cross, Grace

Give me this Mountain

keywords: operation, journey, joshua, task

From Fisherman to Rock Man

keywords: Christ, the Church, Peter, Multi-faith

Our God is Marching On!

keywords: opposition, guidance, the future, conflict

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