Richard Bewes
Richard Bewes Richard Bewes, son of famous missionary parents, was born and raised on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya , along with his two brothers and sister - 'the most tranquil upbringing a child could have had.'

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The World-Wide Challenge of Evil

Richard Bewes

keywords: Evil, persecution, martyrdom, the Fall, Goodness, the Devil, Victory, Conflict, Unity, Direction

Isaiah 59:15 - 20

There is an Enemy – coming in like a flood – and how can people of God possibly resist the power of oncoming Evil. Richard Bewes points to the Bible encouragement of the Banner under which we can gather – outlasting and out-performing the hostile powers that threaten us in every generation.

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Answer Me!

Richard Bewes starts with a story from a Syrian dictator, of 168 BC - and then speaks on those moments when decisions facing us can be delayed no longer. It happened to a city, then to Pontius Pilate at the trial of Jesus Christ…. the big question being “What am I going to do with Christ?”