Richard Bewes
Richard Bewes Richard Bewes, son of famous missionary parents, was born and raised on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya , along with his two brothers and sister - 'the most tranquil upbringing a child could have had.'

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Jehu - A Magnificent Blip

Richard Bewes

keywords: Jehu, Drive, Initiative, Control, Character,

2 Kings 9:1 - 37
2 Kings 10:1 - 36

This sermon presents us with an identikit of a servant of God who - despite his blazing energy for the Lord - utterly fails to leave any mark upon the world. Energy, yes - but is it harnessed? Christian workers and ministers, sit up and take warning from the irrepressible Jehu!

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When Foundations are Shaking

Richard echoes the psalmist David’s question as to what we can do when a whole civilization seems to be falling - from within. We can learn from David who refused to wring his hands or go with the flow! Across the centuries we have learnt to outlast governmental collapses, coups, or dictatorships. Let’s learn from David...