Richard Bewes
Richard Bewes Richard Bewes, son of famous missionary parents, was born and raised on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya , along with his two brothers and sister - 'the most tranquil upbringing a child could have had.'

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The Dilemma of God's Love

Richard Bewes

keywords: Israel, Patience, Remembrance, Forgetfulness, Watchfulness, Atheism, Justice, Mercy, the Cross, Grace

Hosea 11:1 - 11

Here is a passage of Scripture in which God’s own agonizing love towards Israel is mirrored in the traumatic marriage experience of the prophet Hosea. How could the Lord’s mercy for His rebellious people ever be squared with the severe purity of His justice? Here is a message of divine grace that tears at the heartstrings.

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Answer Me!

Richard Bewes starts with a story from a Syrian dictator, of 168 BC - and then speaks on those moments when decisions facing us can be delayed no longer. It happened to a city, then to Pontius Pilate at the trial of Jesus Christ…. the big question being “What am I going to do with Christ?”