Money & Power

17 sermons

From Age to Age

Alasdair Paine

keywords: age, invention, world, power

Alasdair provides a double-sided explanation for our seemingly mixed up world. He celebrates the world's inventions from the beginning of time to the modern advancements of today. But also points to the detramentality of this power-hungry progression and all that it stands for!

Eyewitnessing Apostles

Alasdair Paine

keywords: eyewitnesses, apostles, power, righteousness

Alasdair Paine reveals how we need to become eyewitnesses even in this day and age. It's not enough to believe in the apostles of the Bible but we should become apostles in our own way - eyewitnesses in our own right! Then only will we live in power and righteousness.

Here I am, Send Me

George Verwer

keywords: send, instant, here, temptation, trivia, purpose, power

Are you available for five minutes? Thought not! We live in an era of instant everything, from sucking up scintillating scandal to walking the tightrope of temptation. As George Verwer confirms our demand to specialise in Trivia, he too exposes our need to embrace life with purpose and power!


Luke Ijaz

keywords: self-sacrifice, love,synonymity, power, humility, authority

There's something so special about self-sacrificial love. Luke Ijaz expands on the synonymity of power and humility. Luke illustrates that when we humble ourselves it is only then that we receive great power and authority.

Wisdom In The Cross!

Alex Ross

keywords: cross, power, wisdom, philosophy

In this compelling sermon, Alex demonstrates how wisdom, scholarship and philosophy by themselves have to give way to the preaching of the Cross - when God's Wisdom and power take over!

Why is the Cross Powerful?

Alex Ross

keywords: The cross, gospel offence, power

Stories and illustrations about in this sermon, as Alex demonstrates how, across history, the message of the Cross- stands its early image as a stumbling block and an offence right on its head!

Why Bother with Prayer?

John Mason

keywords: Prayer, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Power, The Will, Lifestyle, Endurance, Spirituality.

Here is Sydney-born John Mason leading us, with authentic Biblical integrity, to the vital ‘vertical relationship’ with God, and into the secrets of spiritual growth and a genuine Christian lifestyle. Enter into the prayer and dream of the apostle Paul - to be a quality Christian believer!

Improving your serve

David Coffey

keywords: Service, Selflessness, cost, power, privilege

The model for all true Christian service is found in Christ, who – though he could have clung to heavenly power and privilege – chose the way of costly and sacrificial service. Every knee will one day bow to him. Meanwhile we’ll do it, not ‘My Way,’ but ‘His Way.’

Grace in Leadership

Ben Kwashi

keywords: The Second Coming, Wisdom Waiting, Grace, Authority

Ben Kwashi illustrates the call faithfully to preach the glorious ‘appearing of Christ,’ from his early days in Nigeria, when his great grandfather was King, and young men from Cambridge University arrived with the Gospel of grace. Everything followed from that!

True and False Spirituality

John Mason

keywords: Fullness, Liberation, False Religion, Demonic Powers, Legalism, Mysticism

Here is a penetrating sermon that takes apart the false religion that so imprisoned many to whom the apostle Paul was writing and millions of people today! Be armed by the biblical findings of Sydney-born John Mason. Now ministering only yards from Ground Zero in New York.

Exceedingly Abundant!

Martin Durham

keywords: Prayer, Authority, Expectation, Simon Peter, Power

The minutes will speed by as international evangelist Martin Durham draws on story after Bible story of God at work - interlaced with thrilling episodes of modern Gospel outreach. Let your expectations and prayers soar heavenwards over these next few minutes!

Earn it!

Barry Cooper

keywords: Goodness, Treasure, Money, Love, Eternal, Life

Here is the account of a rich young ruler falling at the feet of Christ in his desire for eternal life – only to meet with a reality check in regard to his true priorities and values. Barry illustrates his sermon vividly from a famous film.

But God…!

Stan Adams

keywords: Death, Power, Grace, Resurrection

Believers and unbelievers alike! Here is a classic reminder of the power that lay behind the free, unmerited grace of God that brings to life those pronounced spiritually ‘dead.’

God's Power through Suffering

Michael Baughen

keywords: Suffering, Compassion, Pain, Power, Praise, Thorn

In this moving sermon we are taken through the reflections of the apostle Paul on the extreme sufferings caused by false teaching, sleeplessness and violence. But Bishop Michael draws the contrast between our fragility and The power of the God who comforts us – so that we can in turn comfort others.

The two voices

Rodney Queen

keywords: Wisdom, Folly, Direction, Guidance, Trouble, peer pressure, worldliness

The beloved preacher from Georgia opens up the contrast, presented by Solomon, between two voices that compete for attention both in times of success and calamity. Who has your ears, the voice of wisdom or that of folly? Learn to see life through God’s eyes!

Crushed to Life

Glen Scrivener

keywords: Jairus, crowds, Christ’s touch, Power, Life.

These are exhilarating accounts of Jesus ministering in the crush of a crowd. They have all the hallmarks of a first-hand witness. Here He is, healing a woman from 12 years of pain. Next he’s raising to life a young girl who had given 12 years of joy to her prominent dad, before she died. Suffering is the great leveller of people. And Jesus can be the Saviour of any and all.

Wisdom to live by

Simon Vibert

keywords: Proverbs, Wisdom, Foolishness, Wicked, Righteousness, Work

Have you ever looked at the Proverbs? Here are the contrasts between the righteous and the wicked, the wealthy and the poor, the wise and the foolish. There are only two ways to live, declares Simon Vibert (look out for the ‘Buts’ of v.6 and 7). True wisdom has learnt the art of living righteously. It’s wages are not money, but Life itself!