Alasdair Paine
Alasdair Paine Alasdair Paine is senior minister among a large team of colleagues in the church of Great St Andrew’s, Cambridge – the university city in which he was first challenged as a student at Trinity College by the message of Christ. After graduate studies in Colorado USA, he returned to England, and to the staff of Eton College, where he became Head of the Geography Department.

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Eyewitnessing Apostles

Alasdair Paine

keywords: eyewitnesses, apostles, power, righteousness

1 John 1:1 - 4

Alasdair Paine reveals how we need to become eyewitnesses even in this day and age. It's not enough to believe in the apostles of the Bible but we should become apostles in our own way - eyewitnesses in our own right! Then only will we live in power and righteousness.

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Love and Marriage

Here Alasdair surprises us with a perfect example of marriage material - a bachelor! Yes, you heard right! You may disagree but the proof's in the pudding as we do a little window shopping into the secret of a good marriage!