Life and Death

41 sermons

Life Ever After

Phil Chadder

keywords: death, comma, homecoming

Death is only just the beginning. Death is a comma and not a full stop. Life here on earth is only just a number of chapters until we reach our final destination. Face death with a purpose – living for life, for God and For Ever After.

Men, Women and Christ

Phil Chadder

keywords: marriage, picture perfect, modern times, life, love

Do you have a picture perfect marriage? In these modern times, let's face it! Marriage has almost become a misinterpreted expression of life. Let's get back to basics with Phil Chadder as he tackles the battle of the sexes and gives a new take on life, love and everything-else-in-between.

The Life Boat

Rico Tice

keywords: magnifying, glass, morals, warning, signs, life

Have you looked through your moral magnifying glass lately? Not a pretty sight? Well then, take an closer look at Rico Tice's illustration of the warning signs you need to keep your eyes wide open for!

The Relevant Answer

Rico Tice

keywords: christianity, christian, faith, questions, questioning life

Why bother with the Christian faith? If you have any questions why not take an indepth look, with Rico Tice, at the relevance of the bible and together try and tap into its real answer!

The lane of life

Rico Tice

keywords: lane life

Let's have a chat with Rico as we walk down this little lane of life.

Destiny's dawn

Rico Tice

keywords: destiny, choices, brevity, life

We are living in a dawn where our destinies are being determined. We ultimately have choices. Rico bluntly warns us on the brevity of life and what to look out for along the way!

A long time

Mark Prentice

keywords: bride, bridegroom, virgins, long, time, fall asleep, sleep, death, Matthew 25

Mark uses the parable of the ten virgins to explain a message from Jesus about death

The Light side of Life

Alasdair Paine

keywords: satisfaction, life

Can't get no satisfaction? Alasdair Paine expands on some possible answers. His message is refreshing and a pleasantly enlightening look at life. Prepare to be inspired!

A Second Chance

Luke Ijaz

keywords: gospel, good news, self-pity, situation, desperation, set apart, world, life, forgiveness, reeeive, fresh start

Good news! Don't wallow in self-pity despairing in your desperate situation. Decide to be set apart from this world and all its injustices. Choose life, receive forgiveness and be given a fresh start. Ask and you will certainly receive!

Take the plunge!

Luke Ijaz

keywords: jonah, boat, storm, life

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a Jonah at times? Maybe you rock the boat a bit every now and then. Don't find a reason to be thrown out into deep waters! Let Luke take you on a little sailing trip that is bound to help you weather the storms of life.

The Heart of Christian Living

George Verwer

keywords: christ, heart, christian, living, galatians

George Verwer goes straight to the heart of Christian living with this vibrant message on Galatians 2:20. Where does the momentum, the drive for credible discipleship find its origin? It is when the believer, in practical, everyday living becomes identified with Christ crucified that the world sits up and notices!

Is Time Running Out?

Robert Cunville

keywords: cross, life, trust, tests

Time and life are tied together; they are a trust and a test, and the foot of the Cross marks the dividing line of time!

Death to Paradise in 4 Steps!

Roger Carswell

keywords: simplicity, death, paradise

In this, the second of two considerations of Luke chapter 23, Roger Carswell draws conclusions of universal significance from the first man ever to trust in the crucified Christ.

Secure in Christ

Mike Reeves

keywords: humanity, identity, life, death

Here, we are introduced to two distinct individuals- separated by centuries- who represent all humanity. Our identification with one or other is a life and death issue!

Egypt's Night of Blood

Roger Carswell

keywords: Death

Roger invites us to put ourselves in the position of those Israelites as they prepared to leave the land of their oppression. The question is put to us, "Can I too face death with the same assurance that those Israelites did on that dramatic evening?" Let's be sure to check ourselves, urges Roger.

Chasing after the Wind

Steve Wookey

keywords: life, emptiness, meaning

Where do you look for meaning in life? I suppose it's the emptiness of a life lived without God and ways of bringing meaning.

A Sight of Jesus

Gordon Bridger

keywords: seeking, faith, Death and Resurrection, hope

Here is a senior evangelical scholar and Bible commentator- and one-time theological college Principal- drawing us into an in-depth understanding of what it means to 'see Jesus' and so have our deepest hopes satisfied.

Why Bother with Prayer?

John Mason

keywords: Prayer, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Power, The Will, Lifestyle, Endurance, Spirituality.

Here is Sydney-born John Mason leading us, with authentic Biblical integrity, to the vital ‘vertical relationship’ with God, and into the secrets of spiritual growth and a genuine Christian lifestyle. Enter into the prayer and dream of the apostle Paul - to be a quality Christian believer!

Who Can Crack the Code?

Richard Bewes

keywords: Life, meaning, World-view, Purpose, Answers, Direction

If we were asked 'Please describe your world-view - your personal understanding of the meaning of life' - could we reply in a convincing way? Revelation 5 gives us golden answers!

Celebrating Life

Steve Wookey

keywords: life, account, purpose, enjoyment

Making the most of life really, life is there to be enjoyed, but with the rider that everything to be given account for.

What's it All For?

Steve Wookey

keywords: Life, Significance, purpose, waste, Bible

As life progresses, the question arises, 'What was it all for?' Steve Wookey takes up the four words, What/Where/How/Why? "Let every day count!" he advises, "Let every day Count!"

More than Conquerors!

Martin Durham

keywords: Future, hope, life, victory, hardship, death

Here is a classic passage, spelling out the future cetain hope for the believers. It centres in Christ, but along with Him- the great Gift- are added 'all things'!

The Secret of an Effective Life!

Gordon Bridger

keywords: life, value

Here, we are led through the exciting added-value life programme by which we can actually share in the divine nature ourselves!

A time for everything

David Robertson

keywords: Beauty, enjoyment, pessimism and atheism, life, childhood, eternity

As Solomon looks at the secular pessimism of life, he brings - not fatalism - but God into the picture, and every range of activity is covered here. We are not ‘some sad insect, crawling from one annihilation to another’ for we have eternity itself built into our very being.

Why is the world so unfair?

David Robertson

keywords: Justice, judgment, hope, humanness, eternal life

Injustice is always important to our thinking; this is why the reality of divine judgment always creates hope and meaning. Without the awareness of life and death with God we are no more than naked apes, living for today. This is the difference between humans and animals.

The City and the Bride

Chris Sugden

keywords: Christ, the Church, Life, the End Times, Satisfaction

Here at the end of the Bible we are presented with seven memorable scenes that put the ‘unfairness’ of life into its full perspective, and show us that there is no one who can ever supersede Christ, through whom the water of life is there for the taking!

She took and ate

Alec Motyer

keywords: the human family, Death, Peace with God, Human Nature, Jesus’ Invitation

Alec Motyer speaks of the mighty truths that are conveyed in the form of a story – of a Garden, the Forbidden Fruit and the Fateful Choice. But he goes on to show from the Scriptures how the words of loss have become words of gain!

Earn it!

Barry Cooper

keywords: Goodness, Treasure, Money, Love, Eternal, Life

Here is the account of a rich young ruler falling at the feet of Christ in his desire for eternal life – only to meet with a reality check in regard to his true priorities and values. Barry illustrates his sermon vividly from a famous film.

Little Shepherds

Barry Cooper

keywords: Shepherd, Sheep, Life, Love, Sacrifice

Here are the words of Jesus that have gone around the world, with their echoes of the twenty-third psalm. What are the qualities required in a truly good shepherd? Take to heart Barry’s illustration of the one-time afflicted ‘Elephant Man.’

In Him was Life!

Martin Durham

keywords: Eternity, Creation, Begetting, The Word, The Beginning, Life, Light, New Birth, Jesus Christ, Trust, Christmas

Can we take it in; that a tiny baby – unable to utter a single word – should be given the title of ‘The Word’? Here Martin Durham takes us, step by enthralling step, through a Scripture passage that is read around the world, particularly at Christmas – and that has led thousands to faith.

But God…!

Stan Adams

keywords: Death, Power, Grace, Resurrection

Believers and unbelievers alike! Here is a classic reminder of the power that lay behind the free, unmerited grace of God that brings to life those pronounced spiritually ‘dead.’

A reason for living - and dying

Simon Vibert

keywords: Ambition, Life, Death, Purpose, World-View

What is it that makes you get out of bed in the morning? Here is a theological teacher and trainer of preachers giving us the ‘Life Verse’ that lies behind his own ambition and calling - that sees eternity as its ultimate context and goal. Memorise and ‘own’ the verse – and enjoy the stories!

God in the hands of angry sinners

Rodney Queen

keywords: The death of Jesus, crucifixion, Peter’s preaching, Pentecost, Foreknowledge of God

Reversing the title of a famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards in 1741, Rodney Queen takes a journey back to the crucifixion of Jesus and to the apostle Peter’s words to the crowds at Pentecost., and then helps us to see the actions of Jesus’ attackers in the light of God’s ‘set purpose and foreknowledge.’

Crushed to Life

Glen Scrivener

keywords: Jairus, crowds, Christ’s touch, Power, Life.

These are exhilarating accounts of Jesus ministering in the crush of a crowd. They have all the hallmarks of a first-hand witness. Here He is, healing a woman from 12 years of pain. Next he’s raising to life a young girl who had given 12 years of joy to her prominent dad, before she died. Suffering is the great leveller of people. And Jesus can be the Saviour of any and all.

Love Christ’s people

Steve Levy

keywords: Rules, Regulations, Resurrection Life, Self denial, Love, Witness, the Church

The apostle Paul will have none of a religion based on detailed regulations. It is as we set our hearts on Christ that we can both resist sensual indulgence and then shine in witness to the world in the love of Christ’s people. Steve Levy takes us through this passage that sets out the revolutionary lifestyle of Christ’s people. Behave like this to each other, and the world would be changed!

Life’s Foundation

Edmund Chan

keywords: Readiness for life, aims, priorities, hearing, doing, foundations, God’s Word, truth, application, discipleship, storms

Edmund Chan draws a fascinating contrast between the two admirable builders, described in Christ’s famous parable. He then applies it vividly to our competitive modern world. Preachers! Bible class leaders! Get to re-tell this message in your own words – and expect this passage to light up your own fellowship!

We’re all in the Line!

Rico Tice

keywords: Death, Resurrection, Easter, Grief, Christ’s Tomb, Universe

In this sermon, laced with stories, Rico illustrates how the message ‘He has risen’ changes the whole of our philosophy surrounding the shadow of death and our view of the universe.

Does Hell exist?

Rico Tice

keywords: Hell, Judgment, Separation, Toleration, Permissiveness, Life, Cross

After a trick Quiz, our preacher raises a question barely raised in many churches, as to why did Jesus never kept silent about hell? As Rico puts it, it is a topic that prepares us to cross the pain – and the tears – level.

Running the Race

George Verwer

keywords: Race, Long-Term, Life-Service, Perseverance, Weariness

This sermon is full of encouragement for even the newest believer to stay in God’s training programme – despite set-backs, and what George calls ‘Messiology’! Look out for George’s memory verses and recommended books!

What is your reputation?

George Verwer

keywords: Euodia and Syntyche, the Book of Life, Anxiety, Joy, Thanksgiving, Prayer, Purity

The quarrelling between two Philippian women even got their names into the Bible! In a world of hate and negativity, George seizes on this golden chapter - written by a man in prison – to prove where the greater power lies!

The Shepherd, the Guide and the Host

Roger Carswell

keywords: Shepherd, Comfort, Guidance, Protection, Restoration, Soul, Shadow of Death, Goodness and Mercy, God’s House

Roger Carswell leads us to a Bible passage that, more than any other, has brought to the world relief, courage, direction, reassurance – and supremely comfort in the face of anxiety and the very borders of eternity. How am I assured that ‘goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life’? Roger says, “Heaven is not a Reward; it’s a Gift!”