Steve Wookey
Steve Wookey Since 1996 Stephen Wookey has led the work of St David's Church, Moreton-in-Marsh, in the beautiful countryside of England's North Cotswolds. Previously he was on staff at Christ Church in Cockfosters, then at St Michael's Church in Paris; subsequently at London's All Souls, Langham Place. He and his wife Gillian have three in their family- Bethan, Daniel adn Anna. While serving in London, Stephen developed a particular interest in alternative religious groups and cults- this resulting in his book 'When a Church becomes a Cult.' Formerly an enthusiastic cricketer, he describes himslef as a keen, if hugely erratic, golfer, a lover of fishing and a fan of all things Apple Mac. He is fast becoming a keen photographer, and even something of a twitcher.

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Celebrating Life

Steve Wookey

keywords: life, account, purpose, enjoyment

Ecclesiastes 11:9

Making the most of life really, life is there to be enjoyed, but with the rider that everything to be given account for.

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What's it All For?

As life progresses, the question arises, 'What was it all for?' Steve Wookey takes up the four words, What/Where/How/Why? "Let every day count!" he advises, "Let every day Count!"