William Mackenzie
William Mackenzie William is a gold medal graduate of Glasgow University. Initially he worked in agriculture and continues to be active in the family farming business. He began publishing Christian books over thirty years ago, with the objective of bringing to children the truth of the Gospel through Bible stories. Christian Focus now has 1900 titles in print, under four inprints – for pastors, students, adults and children – and operates across the world in seventy-five different languages.

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Christ is God

William Mackenzie

keywords: Deity, Messiahship, Miracles, Resurrection, Witnesses

Here is the dominant Figure of all history, by whom even our time is measured. William Mackenzie lines up the evidence for Christ as God – and leaves us with a ‘Trilemma.’

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Christ is the Gospel

William Mackenzie takes one of the most influential statements of all Christian history, and shows us why we love it! What we are saved FROM? What we are saved FOR?