Stan Adams
Stan Adams Born in Arkansas USA in the mid-fifties, Stan worked in the City of London for over twenty years in private banking and stockbroking. He retired in 2007, having been on the Board of Barclays Stockbrokers and Barclays bank and Trust Co Ltd, as well as a Managing Director at Barclays Stockbrokers. Stan became a Christian in 1999 and left London’s Square Mile in order to commit himself to Gospel ministry. He studied in the Cornhill Training Course. In 2008 and 2009, and now organizes a ministry in West London, entitled ‘First Wednesday.’ He also serves on the staff of Duke Street Church in Richmond, Surrey, and fulfils a schedule of Sunday preaching engagements around Britain. Stan originally came to London in 1979 to study piano with Louis Kentner, He has been married to Ann Marie for over thirty years now. He enjoys the piano and golf.

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The Door

Stan Adams

keywords: Kingdom, Saviour, Judge, Feast

Luke 13:22 - 30

Take in the sheer clarity of Jesus’ teaching on the topic of the door into his kingdom. How do we identify with the different groups featured at the time of the End?

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Reading the signs

There are people well able to make accurate forecasts about daily life or money, but because they ignore the light they are given are utterly unable to figure out the times and judgments of God.