Glen Scrivener
Glen Scrivener Born in Canberra, Australian Glen Scrivener has a ministry as an evangelist along the south coast of England. Having served as a lay assistant in church life in London, he was then ordained to the Anglican ministry, and joined the staff of All Souls Church in Eastbourne.

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The Baptism of Jesus

Glen Scrivener

keywords: John the Baptist, Jordan, Baptism of Jesus, the Judge, Failure, Family of Christ

Matthew 3:1 - 13

Here is John the Baptist by the Jordan River, ministering to people unclean, unsettled and unfruitful. Here is pictured the human race - facing the Judge who is to come. Now enters Jesus, and His decision to enter the water Himself, he is joining us in our filth...standing with us, standing for us - so that we can join Him in His Family. "This is the Family that you were born for!" says Glen.

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The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry

The account of Moses – floating as a baby in the Nile and then standing at the Burning Bush gives us an emblem of the answer. Follow Glen’s winsome description of the God who not only hears the cries of His people, but in concern comes to rescue them…. and more. Other gods never suffer! Our God suffers. Look for the answer right here.