Andy Dow
Andy Dow London-born Andrew Dow became a Christian through a British nationwide union of Bible classes set up to reach young people from non believing homes. It was at Oxford University that he felt God’s call to ministry – a decisive factor was the excitement of seeing friends of his becoming Christians - and the enthusiasm for church ministry shown by the leader of the church he was attending!

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Yeast and Mustard

Andy Dow

keywords: Kingdom, opposition, growth, prejudices, Call

Matthew 13:31 - 37

Here are two agricultural ‘stories in code’ with which Jesus rivetingly describes the Kingdom of heaven. This sermon by Andy Dow helps us to see how the biggest things in life so often have the smallest of beginnings.

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Also by Andy Dow

The radical word – Love

Here is Jesus, as he re-configures the ten commandments into TWO - for his critics, and for us all! Taking in their ‘height’ and ‘width’ helps us to see that Christianity is not a set of rules, but a new mindset!