8 sermons

Religion vs Relationship

Phil Chadder

keywords: performance, heart, God, people pleaser, wedded, bride

Are you a Performance Pete or a Heartfelt Harry? Phil Chadder tries to illustrate the difference between appearance and reality.

Men, Women and Christ

Phil Chadder

keywords: marriage, picture perfect, modern times, life, love

Do you have a picture perfect marriage? In these modern times, let's face it! Marriage has almost become a misinterpreted expression of life. Let's get back to basics with Phil Chadder as he tackles the battle of the sexes and gives a new take on life, love and everything-else-in-between.

A long time

Mark Prentice

keywords: bride, bridegroom, virgins, long, time, fall asleep, sleep, death, Matthew 25

Mark uses the parable of the ten virgins to explain a message from Jesus about death

Love and Marriage

Alasdair Paine

keywords: marriage, bachelor, love, sex

Here Alasdair surprises us with a perfect example of marriage material - a bachelor! Yes, you heard right! You may disagree but the proof's in the pudding as we do a little window shopping into the secret of a good marriage!

All the Lonely People

Steve Wookey

keywords: communication, isolation, meaninglessness, envy, marriage, friendship

Steve Wookey, whose preaching consistently results in congregational growth, takes up the timeless theme of 'Life under the Sun' as perceived in the outlook of Solomon of old- in which isolation and meaninglessness take over when God is out of the picture. But there are hints here too of the solution!

Enjoying Christ Constantly

Mike Reeves

keywords: love, bride, Christ

'My lover is mine and I am his.' The Song of Songs- just a human romance? See the Shepherd-King in a column of smoke to claim his bride- and we'll see Christ and His Church!

The Bible's Best Text

Alec Motyer

keywords: Parenthood, Childhood, Marriage, Relationship, Faith, Assurance.

Alec Motyer takes a great sentence from the Scriptures, and – by means of Picture, a Person and a Promise shows us why people love it – and the irreversible relationship of which it speaks!

Two Kinds of Religion

John Mason

keywords: Resurrection, Ethics, Attitudes, Rules, Marriage, Sexuality, the Tongue, Idolatry

This deeply thought-out sermon spells out why Jesus - far from being a boring personality – is the Man who, by the resurrection has put into his people the power to live life at the highest and most fulfilling level of all. Rules cannot produce this, and nor can permissiveness!