24 sermons

Men, Women and Christ

Phil Chadder

keywords: marriage, picture perfect, modern times, life, love

Do you have a picture perfect marriage? In these modern times, let's face it! Marriage has almost become a misinterpreted expression of life. Let's get back to basics with Phil Chadder as he tackles the battle of the sexes and gives a new take on life, love and everything-else-in-between.

Love and Marriage

Alasdair Paine

keywords: marriage, bachelor, love, sex

Here Alasdair surprises us with a perfect example of marriage material - a bachelor! Yes, you heard right! You may disagree but the proof's in the pudding as we do a little window shopping into the secret of a good marriage!

The Right Direction

Alasdair Paine

keywords: encourage, love, support, persecution, christian

Be encouraged as Alasdair spurs you on in the right direction! Walk this way with him as he plans for a purpose and perserveres in preparing us for the promised land.


Luke Ijaz

keywords: self-sacrifice, love,synonymity, power, humility, authority

There's something so special about self-sacrificial love. Luke Ijaz expands on the synonymity of power and humility. Luke illustrates that when we humble ourselves it is only then that we receive great power and authority.

The Bible View of Justice

Paul Blackham

keywords: Revenge, evil, justice, punishment, love, compassion, judgment

Get your Bible and notebook out for the flow of Scripture references and riveting teaching – on revenge, violence and evil - packed here into less than fifteen minutes! Paul takes us through the three main Bible concepts of Justice – and each one is revolutionary!

Things That Never Change

Robert Cunville

keywords: change, love, encouraged

Change is everywhere, but the major changes can only occur in the heart. Be encouraged- God's love never changes!

The other Lord's Prayer

Mike Reeves

keywords: heart, prayer, love

Mike brings the thrilling truth, not only that Christ our High Priest prays for us as gemstones on his heart, but that we may do the same for others!

Enjoying Christ Constantly

Mike Reeves

keywords: love, bride, Christ

'My lover is mine and I am his.' The Song of Songs- just a human romance? See the Shepherd-King in a column of smoke to claim his bride- and we'll see Christ and His Church!

Through Deep Waters

John Taylor

keywords: Babylon, the Exile, Fear, Love

Just as Israel, in her captivity by the Babylonians-was created, formed, redeemed and called of God, so with what Bishop John Taylor calls 'the inner citadel of the soul;' the deep waters will not overwhelm us; we are never deserted.

Remembrance Sunday

Chris Sugden

keywords: Remembrance, war, sacrifice, love, freedom, the Cross

Chris begins with a very human scene on a British village green, and – in the light of the great wars of the past century – leads his listeners on, from the sacrifices of former heroes that preserved for us our freedoms, to the saving action of Christ at the Cross – that makes every Sunday Remembrance Sunday.

The Concluding Triumph

William Mackenzie

keywords: Suffering, Called, Victory, Love

Here is what Martin Luther called ‘the purest Gospel’ – moving from the earlier encouragements in the passage to three vital questions – the answers to which assure us of the inseparable love of God in Christ – despite everything!

Two lost boys

Keith Garner

keywords: Fear, Anger, Grace, Forgiveness, Joy, Love

In this chapter of ‘lost property,’ here is a vivid presentation of a story by Jesus that has captivated people all over the world. Notice how it begins and ends with the Father!

Love in Leadership

Ben Kwashi

keywords: Love, Community, Readiness, Sympathy, Generosity, Vigilance

The Christian leader is not to live in isolation, however difficult the environment. The way in, and the way ON is by love that preaches God’s generosity, yet resists the bringers of error and division.

Love for the Loveless

Randy Roberts

keywords: Love, giving, sacrifice

Ever tried actually to define Love? We can do so as Randy Roberts draws on the glowing words of the apostle John and invites us to dwell on an eternal ‘ever-present, ever-persistent reality’ in a sermon that draws on stories from everyday life for its vivid illustrations.

Earn it!

Barry Cooper

keywords: Goodness, Treasure, Money, Love, Eternal, Life

Here is the account of a rich young ruler falling at the feet of Christ in his desire for eternal life – only to meet with a reality check in regard to his true priorities and values. Barry illustrates his sermon vividly from a famous film.

Little Shepherds

Barry Cooper

keywords: Shepherd, Sheep, Life, Love, Sacrifice

Here are the words of Jesus that have gone around the world, with their echoes of the twenty-third psalm. What are the qualities required in a truly good shepherd? Take to heart Barry’s illustration of the one-time afflicted ‘Elephant Man.’

I’ll take crumbs any day

Andy Dow

keywords: Anxiety, Faith, Prayer, Answers, Silence, Persistence, Humility, Truth, Love

Let’s learn from Jesus as he takes a mini-break, only to be faced by a non-Jewish woman – in desperation for her daughter…. and whose persistent faith won’t take “No’ for an answer!

The radical word – Love

Andy Dow

keywords: Pharisees, Commandments, Law, Legalism, God, Neighbour, Love

Here is Jesus, as he re-configures the ten commandments into TWO - for his critics, and for us all! Taking in their ‘height’ and ‘width’ helps us to see that Christianity is not a set of rules, but a new mindset!

The Baptism of Jesus

Mark Prentice

keywords: Baptism, Baptism of Jesus, Joy in heaven, the Holy Spirit, Water, Renewal, New Creation, Love of God

Here is a Baptism unlike all others! The joy of heaven, the coming of the Dove – and the consequent triggering of all that Jesus will do for us, following his baptism. In Christ the Father is saying to each of US, “I love you.”

Jesus restores Peter

Mark Prentice

keywords: Peter’s Denial, Restoration, Resurrection, Love, Sea of Galilee

Here Mark Prentice vividly compares Peter’s boasting at the Last Supper, with the resurrection scene by the Sea of Galilee…. and the insistent question, “Do you love me?” Here is a scene that tugs at the Christian’s heartstrings….

A risky meeting by night

Michael Baughen

keywords: Nicodemus, Signs, Born Again, Serpent in Wilderness, Love.

Here is the Pharisee Nicodemus, in a risky attempt to break free from legalistic religion – attracted by the miraculous ‘signs’ performed by Jesus. Learning of New Birth by the Spirit of God, he was only one of many across history who would be similarly drawn to the Son of Man ‘lifted up’ at the Cross.

Love Christ’s people

Steve Levy

keywords: Rules, Regulations, Resurrection Life, Self denial, Love, Witness, the Church

The apostle Paul will have none of a religion based on detailed regulations. It is as we set our hearts on Christ that we can both resist sensual indulgence and then shine in witness to the world in the love of Christ’s people. Steve Levy takes us through this passage that sets out the revolutionary lifestyle of Christ’s people. Behave like this to each other, and the world would be changed!

The Prodigal Son

Roger Carswell

keywords: Home, Prodigal, Far Country, Lost, Seeking, Repentance, Joy, Love

Here is a riveting message on a story by Jesus that has gone worldwide. One of Britain’s most captivating preachers draws on his own fund of stories – ranging from ‘Man Overboard!’ to Abraham Lincoln and one-time tennis star Arthur Ash - to highlight God’s love, in the grieving father’s joy at welcoming his lost boy home. Make “I’m coming Home” your own prayer, as Roger closes!

How do we know God is Love?

Roger Carswell

keywords: God’s love, Incarnation, Propitiation, Saviour, Experience, Watching World

In this message Roger Carswell leads us through the revolutionary words of John, the much-loved apostle of Jesus Christ. Roger’s reasoning is based on three major Bible terms – one of which he discovered to his amazement had been given to a major technical portion of The Concorde airliner, when taken on a visit of its still-standing original model !