Paul Blackham
Paul Blackham The Rev Dr Paul Blackham comes from a family of strong Christian convictions, greatly loved and respected in Lancashire. Severely injured in a motor incident at the age of seven, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, but, remarkably, was brought back by a Muslim doctor. This imparted to Paul a lifelong love of Muslims, among whom he has often preached at ‘Speakers Corner’ in London.

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The Bible View of Justice

Paul Blackham

keywords: Revenge, evil, justice, punishment, love, compassion, judgment

Romans 12:17 - 21

Get your Bible and notebook out for the flow of Scripture references and riveting teaching – on revenge, violence and evil - packed here into less than fifteen minutes! Paul takes us through the three main Bible concepts of Justice – and each one is revolutionary!

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A Finished Work

The dying word of Christ – ‘Tetelestai!’ (Finished) is taken up by Paul Blackham, and – with stories from Christian history, coupled with enthralling references from Genesis onwards - we gain an awareness of how the finished work can apply to an individual, a household, a nation, the world!