15 sermons

Give or Take?

Luke Ijaz

keywords: happy, giver, giving, scatter

Are you a cheerful giver? Or do you gather more than you scatter? Luke Ijaz tells us how and why money should be seen as a resource rahter than a possession.

Break or make

Luke Ijaz

keywords: joy, perserverence

Fix your eyes on this message of perserverence and the pure joy it brings. It will either break you or make you, you decide!

The Christian's Ode to Joy

Mike Reeves

keywords: joy, genuine, christianity, happy

Mike Reeves explains how we can get joy-when 'miserable Christianity' seems to describe us. Forget fake grins; there is something outside of us that we can hold onto!

Celebrating Life

Steve Wookey

keywords: life, account, purpose, enjoyment

Making the most of life really, life is there to be enjoyed, but with the rider that everything to be given account for.

Joyful Effectiveness

Gordon Bridger

keywords: Joy, prayer, division, discontent

College principal Bridger brings us a sermon that will encourage any church fellowship experiencing disharmony, lack of joy or 'ineffectiveness.' Look out for the four 'hindrances' in YOUR group!

Life's Switching Lodgers

Richard Bewes

keywords: weeping, joy, lodgers

'Weeping' and 'Joy' are like two very different lodgers who can follow after one another in life. But who permanently resides?

Following Jesus

Edmund Chan

keywords: Discipleship, Lordship, Joy, Following

From a preacher in Singapore comes an animated message to a world that doesn't really need any more philosophies or programmes, so much as the same joyous personal call that once captivated a bunch of fishermen by the Galilean lakeside.

A time for everything

David Robertson

keywords: Beauty, enjoyment, pessimism and atheism, life, childhood, eternity

As Solomon looks at the secular pessimism of life, he brings - not fatalism - but God into the picture, and every range of activity is covered here. We are not ‘some sad insect, crawling from one annihilation to another’ for we have eternity itself built into our very being.

Two lost boys

Keith Garner

keywords: Fear, Anger, Grace, Forgiveness, Joy, Love

In this chapter of ‘lost property,’ here is a vivid presentation of a story by Jesus that has captivated people all over the world. Notice how it begins and ends with the Father!

Let God's People be Happy!

George Verwer

keywords: Proverbs, Joy, Anger, Global Mission, Potential

How did George Verwer – once a door-to-door seller of fire extinguishers – become founder of ‘Operation Mobilisation’ – with its ships taking Christian literature to all parts of the world? This sermon on Proverbs 15 highlights the happiness of Christian living - illustrated from the life-stories of this travelling world ambassador for Jesus!

The Baptism of Jesus

Mark Prentice

keywords: Baptism, Baptism of Jesus, Joy in heaven, the Holy Spirit, Water, Renewal, New Creation, Love of God

Here is a Baptism unlike all others! The joy of heaven, the coming of the Dove – and the consequent triggering of all that Jesus will do for us, following his baptism. In Christ the Father is saying to each of US, “I love you.”

What is Worship?

Michael Baughen

keywords: Worship, Service, Heart, Awe, Joy, reverence

Description: Bishop Michael draws extensively from the Bible as he powerfully explains Worship as doing business with God as we engage with Him from the heart. And worship does not stop after a meeting at church. It is to be a daily foretaste of heaven!

Disappointment – God’s appointment!

George Verwer

keywords: Habbakuk, Service, Disappointment, Sadness, Trials, Re-building, Joy, Hope

In the face of losses and set-backs in his world ministry, George finds comfort in words from this ancient prophet, 600 years before Christ. Let George’s testimony - and that of other leaders- raise us too, when we’re ‘in the tunnel’!

What is your reputation?

George Verwer

keywords: Euodia and Syntyche, the Book of Life, Anxiety, Joy, Thanksgiving, Prayer, Purity

The quarrelling between two Philippian women even got their names into the Bible! In a world of hate and negativity, George seizes on this golden chapter - written by a man in prison – to prove where the greater power lies!

The Prodigal Son

Roger Carswell

keywords: Home, Prodigal, Far Country, Lost, Seeking, Repentance, Joy, Love

Here is a riveting message on a story by Jesus that has gone worldwide. One of Britain’s most captivating preachers draws on his own fund of stories – ranging from ‘Man Overboard!’ to Abraham Lincoln and one-time tennis star Arthur Ash - to highlight God’s love, in the grieving father’s joy at welcoming his lost boy home. Make “I’m coming Home” your own prayer, as Roger closes!