The Cross of Christ

18 sermons

Is Time Running Out?

Robert Cunville

keywords: cross, life, trust, tests

Time and life are tied together; they are a trust and a test, and the foot of the Cross marks the dividing line of time!

Wisdom In The Cross!

Alex Ross

keywords: cross, power, wisdom, philosophy

In this compelling sermon, Alex demonstrates how wisdom, scholarship and philosophy by themselves have to give way to the preaching of the Cross - when God's Wisdom and power take over!

Why is the Cross Powerful?

Alex Ross

keywords: The cross, gospel offence, power

Stories and illustrations about in this sermon, as Alex demonstrates how, across history, the message of the Cross- stands its early image as a stumbling block and an offence right on its head!

A Finished Work

Paul Blackham

keywords: Finished, the cross, rest

The dying word of Christ – ‘Tetelestai!’ (Finished) is taken up by Paul Blackham, and – with stories from Christian history, coupled with enthralling references from Genesis onwards - we gain an awareness of how the finished work can apply to an individual, a household, a nation, the world!

Having 'Calvary' to ourselves

Richard Bewes

keywords: The Cross, Peter, Judas Iscariot

Richard Bewes contrasts Judas Iscariot with the disciple Peter, at the time of Christ's arrest, and then shows how the Cross can make a life-time impact upon ourselves

The God Who Can Forget Sins!

Robert Cunville

keywords: The Cross, sin, forgivness, freedom

Here Robert Cunville draws on this vivid account of the Cross- and the people involved, including the dying thief next to Jesus.

Remembrance Sunday

Chris Sugden

keywords: Remembrance, war, sacrifice, love, freedom, the Cross

Chris begins with a very human scene on a British village green, and – in the light of the great wars of the past century – leads his listeners on, from the sacrifices of former heroes that preserved for us our freedoms, to the saving action of Christ at the Cross – that makes every Sunday Remembrance Sunday.

The Dilemma of God's Love

Richard Bewes

keywords: Israel, Patience, Remembrance, Forgetfulness, Watchfulness, Atheism, Justice, Mercy, the Cross, Grace

Here is a passage of Scripture in which God’s own agonizing love towards Israel is mirrored in the traumatic marriage experience of the prophet Hosea. How could the Lord’s mercy for His rebellious people ever be squared with the severe purity of His justice? Here is a message of divine grace that tears at the heartstrings.

Take up your Cross

Mark Prentice

keywords: Take up the Cross, Fear, Rejection, the World, Likeness to Jesus

The servant is to be like the Master. In this world two camps face each other; don’t then expect the accolades; yet we need not be afraid. Those who are intimate with God are not intimidated!

God in the hands of angry sinners

Rodney Queen

keywords: The death of Jesus, crucifixion, Peter’s preaching, Pentecost, Foreknowledge of God

Reversing the title of a famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards in 1741, Rodney Queen takes a journey back to the crucifixion of Jesus and to the apostle Peter’s words to the crowds at Pentecost., and then helps us to see the actions of Jesus’ attackers in the light of God’s ‘set purpose and foreknowledge.’

The eve of the Crucifixion

Rodney Queen

keywords: Falling away, Shepherd, The Father, the Cross, scattered sheep

In this riveting sermon, the disciples - in confusion and even bravado at the prospect of Jesus’ coming ordeal – were challenged by just five words from Jesus: “I will strike the Shepherd” – recalling the prophecy of Zechariah 13:7. What is the Cross all about? May the five words be enough to open or re-open our own eyes!

Crucified with Christ

Edmund Chan

keywords: Identity, Leadership, the Church, Discipleship, the Heart, Crucifixion, motivation

What Edmund Chan calls ‘A discipleship Deficit’ is afflicting many Christian leaders and great segments of the Church at the present time. We can put on great programmes, says Edmund – and still miss the point completely. We are to move on from ‘Commitment’ to something far more radical. Let’s learn it today!

Answer Me!

Richard Bewes

keywords: Antiochus Epiphanes, Decision, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Trial of Christ, Pontius Pilate, Good Friday, the Cross

Richard Bewes starts with a story from a Syrian dictator, of 168 BC - and then speaks on those moments when decisions facing us can be delayed no longer. It happened to a city, then to Pontius Pilate at the trial of Jesus Christ…. the big question being “What am I going to do with Christ?”

The trashing of our past

Richard Bewes

keywords: Trial of Christ, Forgiveness, Martyrdom, Revenge, Blood, the Cross

We start at Christ’s trial and the insistence of the crowd that they be responsible for the death of Jesus. Here we learn about Forgiveness, what true martyrdom is NOT, Christ’s rejection of Revenge, the meaning of the word ‘Blood’…. and what can be done about the worst sin we ever committed.

How Titanic speaks to us all

Rico Tice

keywords: Titanic, Cross, Disaster, Jerusalem, Temple

Dramatically using the video of the film ‘Titanic’, Rico Tice is our inspirer as he relates it to the desperate day of darkness as Jesus died for the sins of the world – and then applies from Mark’s Gospel Titanic’s message to us all.

Does Hell exist?

Rico Tice

keywords: Hell, Judgment, Separation, Toleration, Permissiveness, Life, Cross

After a trick Quiz, our preacher raises a question barely raised in many churches, as to why did Jesus never kept silent about hell? As Rico puts it, it is a topic that prepares us to cross the pain – and the tears – level.

Go and Make Known The Gospel

Roger Carswell

keywords: The Cross, Resurrection, Prophecy, Repentance, Forgiveness, the Trinity, The Gospel, Witness

Here Roger Carswell winsomely speaks of Christ’s words at Easter, to two downcast friends on the Emmaus Road. Before revealing his risen identity, he first explains that the earlier Scriptures were all pointing to him, and the necessity of his death and resurrection. Look out for Roger’s stories – and the four great things that they – and we – are to take in, and pass on!

How do we qualify for Jesus?

Roger Carswell

keywords: Tax collectors and sinners, Pharisees, Lost sheep, Lost son, Penitent Thief, Saul of Tarsus, the Cross

Roger Carswell draws upon numerous events and people, during Christ’s ministry, as he counters the opinion that Jesus – and Christianity - are for the supposedly ‘good people’ of this world. If Jesus came for sinners, declares Roger, then we all qualify! And if it was not nails, what was it that that kept him on the Cross?