The Body of Christ

12 sermons

As the Lord forgave you

Mark Prentice

keywords: Colossians 3, forgive, hurt, damage, left, church,

Mark has met many people who have been hurt by their experience of Church. Here he talks from Colossians 3 about forgiveness.

From Fisherman to Rock Man

Richard Bewes

keywords: Christ, the Church, Peter, Multi-faith

This sermon takes up the moment on which the entire Gospel of Matthew hinges, as Jesus confronts his disciples with the all-time question 'Who do you say I am?' Out of all the conceivable answers that might have been offered, one man gets it right- for all of us!

Drops from a leaky tap

George Verwer

keywords: Sending, Church, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Work

In this vivid sermon, George Verwer, founder of 'Operation Mobilisation' thrills his listeners with this early account of the sending-out of Christ's messengers from the church of Antioch, and challenges us to re-create Antioch churches for today!

Church is So Great!

Steve Levy

keywords: Church

How much is 'church' worth? Think of the people you gather with every week! Stephen Levy roams around several New Testament letters for examples of how YOUR church can become like the true Church of God - and even reflect what heaven itself is like!

The Church- A Love-Affair With God!

Steve Levy

keywords: Church

The world may pass by the Church as of no great significance at all - but the truth is that the Church is what God is all about! It was supremely in those seven historic churches of the book of Revelation that the risen, glorified Christ desired to walk - and this is His desire today.

What Makes a Genuine Church?

John Mason

keywords: Church

Don't play the lone-style believer, urges Australia's John Mason - now leading the work of Christ Church, Manhattan. John shows us from Colossians chapter 1 the marks and the essentials of a genuine church community. Test your own fellowship from this challenging sermon!

The Valley of the Dry Bones

Richard Bewes

keywords: Israel and Judah, Nebuchadnezzar, Jerusalem, Restoration, The Holy Spirit, the Church

‘Can these bones live?’ is the question facing servants of God from Ezekiel onwards – when confronted by spiritual decadence on every side. Richard draws attention to the ’breath’ of God, the Holy Spirit himself, who creates life out of hopelessness!

The City and the Bride

Chris Sugden

keywords: Christ, the Church, Life, the End Times, Satisfaction

Here at the end of the Bible we are presented with seven memorable scenes that put the ‘unfairness’ of life into its full perspective, and show us that there is no one who can ever supersede Christ, through whom the water of life is there for the taking!

All things are for Jesus!

Glen Scrivener

keywords: God, Jesus, Universe, Alienation, Reconciled, the Church’s Head

In this sermon, let us see if we can follow three prompter questions that Glen puts before us. They all relate to how the invisible God is to be seen, in and through Jesus – who is not just the Inventor of a religion, but the Inventor of the Universe! And how is this God going to picture each one of us?

World Mission

Steve Levy

keywords: Mission, the Body of Christ, the Church, Fellowship, Unity

Towards the end of this great Salvation letter – we are into world mission; the whole message of the Bible is for the nations to praise God through Jesus Christ – within His united body of the Church. This is more than an individual accepting Jesus, declares Steve Levy; Salvation has to be worked at in the Church – which means accepting one another too! Hard? try it, in your group!

Love Christ’s people

Steve Levy

keywords: Rules, Regulations, Resurrection Life, Self denial, Love, Witness, the Church

The apostle Paul will have none of a religion based on detailed regulations. It is as we set our hearts on Christ that we can both resist sensual indulgence and then shine in witness to the world in the love of Christ’s people. Steve Levy takes us through this passage that sets out the revolutionary lifestyle of Christ’s people. Behave like this to each other, and the world would be changed!

Crucified with Christ

Edmund Chan

keywords: Identity, Leadership, the Church, Discipleship, the Heart, Crucifixion, motivation

What Edmund Chan calls ‘A discipleship Deficit’ is afflicting many Christian leaders and great segments of the Church at the present time. We can put on great programmes, says Edmund – and still miss the point completely. We are to move on from ‘Commitment’ to something far more radical. Let’s learn it today!