Steve Levy
Steve Levy Stephen Levy is one of two well-known Welsh preachers. He was born in Swansea, delivered by his own father in the absence of the midwife - on the coldest day of the year.

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World Mission

Steve Levy

keywords: Mission, the Body of Christ, the Church, Fellowship, Unity

Romans 15:7 - 13

Towards the end of this great Salvation letter – we are into world mission; the whole message of the Bible is for the nations to praise God through Jesus Christ – within His united body of the Church. This is more than an individual accepting Jesus, declares Steve Levy; Salvation has to be worked at in the Church – which means accepting one another too! Hard? try it, in your group!

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Also by Steve Levy

When suffering takes over

“Don’t yearn for answers now.” Here, sensitively and encouragingly, are opened up the options facing Job in the loss of everything. When suffering takes us over - and in panic we are running faster than ourselves - ‘Go to Job”, says Steve Levy, and he also adds “Go to Jesus” - Job’s Redeemer– who is “praying for us every second, every minute of every day.”