The Word

14 sermons

A Second Chance

Luke Ijaz

keywords: gospel, good news, self-pity, situation, desperation, set apart, world, life, forgiveness, reeeive, fresh start

Good news! Don't wallow in self-pity despairing in your desperate situation. Decide to be set apart from this world and all its injustices. Choose life, receive forgiveness and be given a fresh start. Ask and you will certainly receive!

A miraculous possibility

Paul Blackham

keywords: prayer, bible, intimacy, atheist

In the face of today's atheist scoffings at prayer, Paul Blackham speaks on prayer according to Jesus. But he also tracks back to the very beginning of prayer in the Bible, and on to the privileged face-to-face intimacy that is ours!!

Why is the Cross Powerful?

Alex Ross

keywords: The cross, gospel offence, power

Stories and illustrations about in this sermon, as Alex demonstrates how, across history, the message of the Cross- stands its early image as a stumbling block and an offence right on its head!

A Song for the Seeker

Randy Roberts

keywords: creation, revelation, the Bible

Randy Roberts of the University Church of Loma Linda, California, invites us to learn with him from a psalm of David how we can be equipped to answer the question- for ourselves and our questioners- 'What is the evidence for the existence of God?

The Most Valuable Thing

Mike Reeves

keywords: Bible, creation, Christ

We see from Genesis 1:1-2 and 2 Corinthians 4:6 how that the old creation and the new (in Christ's people) are both produced by God's Word. Read the Bible- and your heart will pound for Christ!

What's it All For?

Steve Wookey

keywords: Life, Significance, purpose, waste, Bible

As life progresses, the question arises, 'What was it all for?' Steve Wookey takes up the four words, What/Where/How/Why? "Let every day count!" he advises, "Let every day Count!"

Christ is the Gospel

William Mackenzie

keywords: Gospel, Faith, Salvation.

William Mackenzie takes one of the most influential statements of all Christian history, and shows us why we love it! What we are saved FROM? What we are saved FOR?

Approved by God

Richard Bewes

keywords: Training, Service, the Word, Evangelism, Truth, Character

Starting from the story of being coached at tennis by BBC's Dan Maskell, Richard embarks on a fascinating passage, outlining the thrilling opportunities - and severe warnings - involved in work and service for Jesus Christ. Love the teaching, and enjoy the stories ....

In Him was Life!

Martin Durham

keywords: Eternity, Creation, Begetting, The Word, The Beginning, Life, Light, New Birth, Jesus Christ, Trust, Christmas

Can we take it in; that a tiny baby – unable to utter a single word – should be given the title of ‘The Word’? Here Martin Durham takes us, step by enthralling step, through a Scripture passage that is read around the world, particularly at Christmas – and that has led thousands to faith.

The God Who reveals Himself

Michael Baughen

keywords: Creation, the heavens, the law of God, the Bible, Walk.

Here in this psalm, David was all too aware of the valleys, the waters and the hills of Creation as ‘the language of God’ – but secondly of the ‘law’ – the very words that revive the soul, redeem us and make us wise for life. Learn to love this psalm – “one of the greatest lyrics in the World” (C.S. Lewis).

Life’s Foundation

Edmund Chan

keywords: Readiness for life, aims, priorities, hearing, doing, foundations, God’s Word, truth, application, discipleship, storms

Edmund Chan draws a fascinating contrast between the two admirable builders, described in Christ’s famous parable. He then applies it vividly to our competitive modern world. Preachers! Bible class leaders! Get to re-tell this message in your own words – and expect this passage to light up your own fellowship!

Who is Jesus?

Rico Tice

keywords: Jesus, Identity, Evidence, Trust, Mark, Gospel, Jairus

To start with, the disciples of Jesus couldn’t work out the identity of their leader at all. Rico Tice’s message here unravels Mark’s brimming evidence as to Jesus’ identity, for every enquirer!

The Gospel Feast

Roger Carswell

keywords: Kingdom of God, Gospel Feast, The Poor, Excuses, Invitation

Would the average person normally think of the Kingdom of God in terms of a party bash? And who are the ideal qualifiers for an invitation? Taking up Jesus’ parable, Roger gives a surprising answer – and lists what is in store for those who set aside all excuses…. and come! Let’s be prepared at the close to let Roger lead us in a ‘Prayer of Acceptance’ to Christ’s invitation.

Go and Make Known The Gospel

Roger Carswell

keywords: The Cross, Resurrection, Prophecy, Repentance, Forgiveness, the Trinity, The Gospel, Witness

Here Roger Carswell winsomely speaks of Christ’s words at Easter, to two downcast friends on the Emmaus Road. Before revealing his risen identity, he first explains that the earlier Scriptures were all pointing to him, and the necessity of his death and resurrection. Look out for Roger’s stories – and the four great things that they – and we – are to take in, and pass on!