Steve Levy
Steve Levy Stephen Levy is one of two well-known Welsh preachers. He was born in Swansea, delivered by his own father in the absence of the midwife - on the coldest day of the year.

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When suffering takes over

Steve Levy

keywords: Suffering, Loss, Pain, Fear, Waiting, Worship, Job

Job 1:22 - 2:13

“Don’t yearn for answers now.” Here, sensitively and encouragingly, are opened up the options facing Job in the loss of everything. When suffering takes us over - and in panic we are running faster than ourselves - ‘Go to Job”, says Steve Levy, and he also adds “Go to Jesus” - Job’s Redeemer– who is “praying for us every second, every minute of every day.”

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Seeing, yet not seeing

‘Be ever seeing, but never perceiving….’ It happens all the time – that too often the more we see the less we get it. Here is a passage quoted numbers of times in the New Testament. Let’s learn from Steve Levy’s helpful explanation of this passage – quoted sternly by Jesus - that has puzzled many readers of the Bible.