Keith Garner
Keith Garner Keith Garner is the Superintendent of Wesley Mission, Sydney, Australia. He is a former Cliff College student, Wesley College, Bristol and Westminster College, Oxford. Following 25 years as a British Methodist minister, he and Carol moved to Australia in 2005 to take up responsibility for the famous Wesley Mission in Sydney. Wesley Mission is one of the largest city centre churches in the world, exercising a Word and Deed ministry. Keith is best known for his preaching ministry, combining evangelical passion and social commitment. He leads a Mission with 2,300 staff spread across New South Wales. The worshipping life of Wesley Mission sees 2,000 people in worship each week and services are conducted in Mandarin, Rotuman, Samoan and Japanese, as well as in English. He is regularly sought for social comment in Australia and broadcasts extensively through his weekly television program Wesley Impact and preaching through Christian channels on Praise Prayer & Preaching, both of which are received around the world.

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The Cry of the Outsider

Keith Garner

keywords: Adversity, Compassion, Outsider

This account of an interruption to the ministry of Jesus will remind us all that God’s good news belongs essentially to the outsider. Your church will be measured by realizing this!

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Life in the Risen Lord!

Here is a sermon that will help us fall in love with Jesus all over again, with Keith Garner’s vivid presentation of the resurrected Jesus cooking breakfast on the beach – and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary…. for ever!