Glen Scrivener
Glen Scrivener Born in Canberra, Australian Glen Scrivener has a ministry as an evangelist along the south coast of England. Having served as a lay assistant in church life in London, he was then ordained to the Anglican ministry, and joined the staff of All Souls Church in Eastbourne.

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David and Goliath

Glen Scrivener

keywords: David and Goliath, Evil, Battle, Victory

1 Samuel 17:1 - 54

This is a sermon about Champions. The passage says, “Your Champion fights for you. If the Champion wins, you have won.” David comes as champion for God’s people – and he does not go out against Goliath in the strength of Saul the king, but “in the Name of the Lord Almighty.” In this David acts as a foretaste of Christ, the overcomer of evil through the divine power of the Cross.

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The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry

The account of Moses – floating as a baby in the Nile and then standing at the Burning Bush gives us an emblem of the answer. Follow Glen’s winsome description of the God who not only hears the cries of His people, but in concern comes to rescue them…. and more. Other gods never suffer! Our God suffers. Look for the answer right here.