George Verwer
George Verwer George Verwer is the Founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation, which is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting. George led Operation Mobilisation for over 40 years before stepping down in August 2003. George has a burning concern for vital, propagating and revolutionary Christianity in his own life and in those he meets.

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Grasshopper Mentality

George Verwer

keywords: land, promised, grasshopper, narrow, way

Welcome to the land of milk and honey! You don't need to jump from problem to problem hoping to escape them all. Rather join George on his journey to the promised land. Narrow is the way and few find it! But don't be discouraged, let George show you how it's done!

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Also by George Verwer

God wants to use you!

In the face of the apostle Paul’s persecutions and prison, are we fearful? As George gives us his own ‘life verse,’ he has stories for us that can remind even the fearful that God ‘is taking your picture’!