Edmund Chan
Edmund Chan The Rev Edmund Chan is the Leadership Mentor of Covenenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore, and the founder of the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches. For over two decades he has been well known, locally and overseas, for his expository preaching and his mentoring of Christian leaders.

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The Ancient Paths

Edmund Chan

keywords: Decision, Restlessness, busyness, the soul’s stillness, Walking with God, Grace

Jeremiah 6:16

In this Bible passage - loved across the world - Edmund Chan takes up and applies to nations and individuals the situation of Standing at the Crossroads that was facing Jeremiah’s own people who had lost their soul. Look out for Edmund’s ‘Remove and Replace’ principle that speaks to anyone caught in the barrenness of a busy life!

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Also by Edmund Chan

Entering the Sanctuary’

This sermon meets us when the tasks of life become wearisome; when we want to give up, but cannot! Asaph the psalmist struggles with this and other issues, such as the prosperity of the wicked. But as he enters ‘the sanctuary of God’ in prayer, three lessons raise his whole outlook – and they will for us!