Alec Motyer
Alec Motyer Alec Motyer - who has passed from this life in August 2016 at the age of 91 - was born and educated in Dublin, and knew a call to Christian ministry when -aged six, although converted to Christ at the age of sixteen, through a Brethren mission. He has served in full-time ministry in Wolverhampton, Bristol, London and Bournemouth. Through his outstanding work and leadership in British theological seminaries, he has been widely recognised as an inspirer and teacher of numerous younger ministers across the decades, He has been a preacher in the public arena and a writer for the church at large. His messages have been featured at such conventions as Keswick, Strathpeffer and Portstewart.

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Why the Passover?

Alec Motyer

keywords: passover, blood, judgement, protection

Exodus 12:12 - 13

The query at the time of the Passover was not “How can we be safe from Pharaoh?” but “How can we be safe from God?” What is it about the blood of the Passover that so determined destinies? Alec Motyer explains.

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Understanding Pentecost

We invite friends everywhere to view this sermon as a memorial tribute to Alec Motyer, one of the outstanding scholars and preachers of our time.

Here Alec Motyer explains the dramatic four things that happened at the spectacular dawn of a new era of the Holy Spirit. Follow the preaching – and be thrilled with this – the portion of every believing Christian!