Andy Dow
Andy Dow London-born Andrew Dow became a Christian through a British nationwide union of Bible classes set up to reach young people from non believing homes. It was at Oxford University that he felt God’s call to ministry – a decisive factor was the excitement of seeing friends of his becoming Christians - and the enthusiasm for church ministry shown by the leader of the church he was attending!

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The First will be Last!

Andy Dow

keywords: Parables, Rewards, Complaining, Justice, Generosity, Kingdom

Matthew 20:1 - 16

As we take in Jesus’ story of the workers in the vineyard, we’re tempted to say, “That’s not fair!” Learn from Andy Dow’s explanation of the difference between Justice and ‘Justice-Extra.’ God is never going to be in anybody’s debt!

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The radical word – Love

Here is Jesus, as he re-configures the ten commandments into TWO - for his critics, and for us all! Taking in their ‘height’ and ‘width’ helps us to see that Christianity is not a set of rules, but a new mindset!