why the sermon?

From Richard Bewes: Over 100 years ago DL Moody of Chicago said, “If you have got a sermon that is good for anything at all, pass it around!” Yes, we preachers desire to ‘preach Christ Jesus as Lord’ to viewers worldwide - in about 12 minutes or so! Besides the newer sermons featured on this Home Page, you may click to ‘Browse’ (above) for scores more sermons!

Following Jesus

Edmund Chan

From a preacher in Singapore comes an animated message to a world that doesn't really need any more philosophies or programmes, so much as the same joyous personal call that once captivated a bunch of fishermen by the Galilean lakeside.

The two voices

Rodney Queen

keywords: Wisdom, Folly, Direction, Guidance, Trouble, peer pressure, worldliness

God wants to use you!

George Verwer

keywords: Persecution, Grace, Faith, Witness, Service, Finished Task, Weaknesses

Anticipating Christ's Return

Roger Chilvers

keywords: Jesus, attitudes, behaviour

The Party Host

Stan Adams

keywords: Celebration, Invitation, Excuses

Jesus restores Peter

Mark Prentice

keywords: Peter’s Denial, Restoration, Resurrection, Love, Sea of Galilee

Related to God by the Trinity

Chris Sugden

keywords: Trinity, Authority, Christ’s divinity, the Holy Spirit, Evangelism


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The Cross of Christ

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