Roger Carswell

Roger Carswell

Roger Carswell was born and brought up in Leeds, England, and has lived in Horsforth for the past 23 years. He is married to Dorothy, and they have four children and six grandsons. His mother in Armenian; his father was a Yorkshireman.

Roger found faith in Christ at the age of 15 in the Lebanon, when an uncle – after a game of tennis – clearly explained the Christian message to him. Following university, Roger was a teacher for several years, before embarking as a full-time evangelist. Travelling largely in the UK, he speaks at universities and churches. Strongly supportive of Christian literature, he has also written numerous pamphlets, and numbers of books, including such titles as ‘And some Evangelists,’ ‘Things God Wants you to Know,’ and ‘Where is God in a messed-up World?’

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The Longings of Job

keywords: Job, Satan, Suffering, Job’s Comforters, Mediation, Redemption

Here we are looking at the Bible’s oldest book, with Satan presenting his case that – when it comes to departing from belief - people even as righteous as Job will always have their price-tag! Roger Carswell takes us briefly through the saga of Job’s sufferings – as we look at his quest – eventually blest - for his side to be taken and upheld. Only One can ever fulfill THAT role….
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The Longings of Job

keywords: Job, Satan, Suffering, Job’s Comforters, Mediation, Redemption

The Gospel Feast

keywords: Kingdom of God, Gospel Feast, The Poor, Excuses, Invitation

Go and Make Known The Gospel

keywords: The Cross, Resurrection, Prophecy, Repentance, Forgiveness, the Trinity, The Gospel, Witness

Return to God with WORDS!

keywords: Hosea, Gomer, Unfaithfulness, Adultery, Idolatry, Restoration, Forgiveness

Did Jesus claim to be God?

keywords: ‘I AM,’ Moses, John the Baptist, Deity and Humanity, Alpha and Omega, Thomas

The Shepherd, the Guide and the Host

keywords: Shepherd, Comfort, Guidance, Protection, Restoration, Soul, Shadow of Death, Goodness and Mercy, God’s House

How do we know God is Love?

keywords: God’s love, Incarnation, Propitiation, Saviour, Experience, Watching World

The Prodigal Son

keywords: Home, Prodigal, Far Country, Lost, Seeking, Repentance, Joy, Love

How do we qualify for Jesus?

keywords: Tax collectors and sinners, Pharisees, Lost sheep, Lost son, Penitent Thief, Saul of Tarsus, the Cross

On An Errand For God

keywords: The call, obedience, opportunity, witness, one-to-one

Egypt's Night of Blood

keywords: Death

Is God Asleep?

keywords: Faith, fear, suffering, evil, storms, assurance

The Day the Curtain Ripped

keywords: Access

Choose Your Epitaph!

keywords: Gods free gift

Death to Paradise in 4 Steps!

keywords: simplicity, death, paradise

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