Roger Carswell
Roger Carswell Roger Carswell was born and brought up in Leeds, England, and has lived in Horsforth for the past 23 years. He is married to Dorothy, and they have four children and six grandsons. His mother in Armenian; his father was a Yorkshireman.

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The Day the Curtain Ripped

Roger Carswell

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Luke 23:32 - 46

Christians will be captivated - and seekers enlightened - as Roger opens up four dramatic implications resulting from the historical tearing in two of the thickest curtain that ever existed.

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Christ is our Refuge

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The Shepherd, the Guide and the Host

Roger Carswell leads us to a Bible passage that, more than any other, has brought to the world relief, courage, direction, reassurance – and supremely comfort in the face of anxiety and the very borders of eternity. How am I assured that ‘goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life’? Roger says, “Heaven is not a Reward; it’s a Gift!”