Paul Blackham

Paul Blackham

The Rev Dr Paul Blackham comes from a family of strong Christian convictions, greatly loved and respected in Lancashire. Severely injured in a motor incident at the age of seven, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, but, remarkably, was brought back by a Muslim doctor. This imparted to Paul a lifelong love of Muslims, among whom he has often preached at ‘Speakers Corner’ in London.

Today, recognised as a scholar who has taught at theological colleges in London, England, Paul Blackham is also a preacher and evangelist – at one time having ministered on the staff of All Souls Church, Langham Place. He has also led the work at The Farm Fellowship near Preston. Today he is working with the Welsh Evangelical School of Theology.

Paul directs Biblical Frameworks, which is responsible for producing DVDs and study materials for the international Book by Book on-screen programmes for TV and home group studies world-wide. Along with Richard Bewes he hosts these on-going programmes, together with the Open Home Open Bible programmes which continue to feature on TV and in house groups – and which won an award in the Los Angeles film festival. His latest project is ‘College in a Box’ – suitable for churches anywhere to use in their training. He and Liz have Jonathan, ‘PJ’ and Anna in their family.

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A Finished Work

keywords: Finished, the cross, rest

The dying word of Christ – ‘Tetelestai!’ (Finished) is taken up by Paul Blackham, and – with stories from Christian history, coupled with enthralling references from Genesis onwards - we gain an awareness of how the finished work can apply to an individual, a household, a nation, the world!
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A Finished Work

keywords: Finished, the cross, rest

The Place of Vengeance

keywords: Revenge

A miraculous possibility

keywords: prayer, bible, intimacy, atheist

The Day of Judgement Brought Forward

keywords: judgment, trial, Pontius Pilate

The Bible View of Justice

keywords: Revenge, evil, justice, punishment, love, compassion, judgment

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