Randy Roberts
Randy Roberts Randy Roberts, senior pastor of the University Church of Loma Linda, California, was raised by his missionary parents in South America. From college days he became based in Keene, Texas, and gained a major in Theology and a minor in Modern languages, before completing a Master of Divinity degree at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, from which he graduated in 1985.

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Questions of Confidence

Randy Roberts

keywords: Anxiety, fear, the future, assurance, trust

John 14:1 - 6

Randy Roberts opens up four searing questions relating to the individual’s confidence in life with God. Here is a sermon - brimming with reassurance, and spoken soul to soul – and worth sharing with friends and loved ones everywhere!

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Love for the Loveless

Ever tried actually to define Love? We can do so as Randy Roberts draws on the glowing words of the apostle John and invites us to dwell on an eternal ‘ever-present, ever-persistent reality’ in a sermon that draws on stories from everyday life for its vivid illustrations.