Roger Chilvers
Roger Chilvers Roger Chilvers is a Church leader, evangelist and Bible teacher working with Counties, a national evangelistic association in the UK. For six years he also served as the Director of the Church Planting initiative. Since 1983 he has also worked with many of the Billy Graham missions in the UK and overseas, where he was responsible for Training, Counselling and Follow-up. These included Moscow, Mission World from Essen, Mission 89 in London, Jamaica etc. He has also spoken at several Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism, including Amsterdam 2000. He also served on the national committee for Evangelism of Churches Together in England.

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The Secret of Forgiveness

Roger Chilvers

keywords: psalm, sermon on the mount, Paul

Psalm 103:1 - 14

This great psalm- with passages for the Sermon on the Mount and from Paul's letters- opens up this hardest of lessons

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Anticipating Christ's Return

Here Roger considers the different attitudes to the pledged return of Jesus. The way we think about it will affect all our behaviour!