Paul Levy
Paul Levy Paul Levy was brought up in Swansea, Wales, and lived in Cardiff for a period before coming to London in 1999 to study at the Cornhill Training Course. A preacher and expositor of Scripture, Paul worked for a church in South London before becoming the minister of the International Presbyterian Church in the West London borough of Ealing – a church established in its present biblical emphasis years ago by the late Francis Schaeffer. Paul is in active fellowship with such preaching events as The Evangelical Movement in Wales’ annual conference at Aberystwith, and ‘The Electrics’ gatherings for pastors – hosted by his brother Steve Levy at Mount Pleasant Church in Swansea. Paul is married to Claire, and they have two young children, Noah and Ellie.

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The two sides of an English penny

Paul Levy

keywords: mercy grace salvation identity

Ephesians 2:1 - 10

Paul Levy shows how the Christian has moved from the bad news of what we were to the good news of what we are now. He ends with a vivid definition of ‘Mercy’ and ‘Grace.’

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The Greatest Invitation

Paul Levy shows us one of the greatest statements of the Bible – and why people love it so much. They are words spoken by the Servant of all, by the great Burden-Bearer of all time.