Mark Prentice
Mark Prentice Mark was appointed in 2013 to lead the work at St John the Baptist Church in the English city of Ipswich, following the nine years he gave to the All Souls Clubhouse in London.

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Jesus walks on water

Mark Prentice

keywords: The sea, the nations, Walking on Water, Chaos, Storms, the nations, ‘I AM’

John 6:15 - 21

It could be that here Jesus may here be resisting a temptation to let the people make him king – without the Cross. Follow this message about Jesus as the King – over nature, and the nations.

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Take up your Cross

The servant is to be like the Master. In this world two camps face each other; don’t then expect the accolades; yet we need not be afraid. Those who are intimate with God are not intimidated!