Martin Durham
Martin Durham Coming from a banking background, Rev. Martin Durham has been the director of Kerygma180 since it was established in May 2001. Alongside his call to actively proclaim the gospel 'on the streets', Martin is presently on the leadership team for the BGEA UK 'Emerging Evangelists Institute', and is the European Director of the 'International Leadership Institute'. Martin is ordained as a Baptist Minister (Evangelist) by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and lives with his wife Rachel, and daughters, Annie & Eliza, in London.

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Paul's Day, Our Day!

Martin Durham

keywords: Courage, conviction, obedience, opposition

Acts 17:1 - 34

Enter the first century world of Paul the apostle- and see in it a parallel of our own today, thrillingly presented by a modern street preacher!

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Exceedingly Abundant!

The minutes will speed by as international evangelist Martin Durham draws on story after Bible story of God at work - interlaced with thrilling episodes of modern Gospel outreach. Let your expectations and prayers soar heavenwards over these next few minutes!