Liam Goligher
Liam Goligher Dr Liam Goligher is Senior Minister at the Tenth Presbyterian Church in the heart of Philadelphia, USA.A preacher, writer and broadcaster, he and his staff of over 40 maintain the Gospel tradition set many years ago by the redoubtable Donald Grey Barnhouse. Earlier, Liam has sled the work of Duke Street Church in Richmond, London. He has also pastored churches in Ireland, Canada, and in his native Scotland.

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Wounded for Me

Liam Goligher

keywords: Isaiah, sin, servant

Isaiah 52:1 - 15
Isaiah 53:1 - 12

Yes, it's Isaiah 52 and 53, which supremely answer the problem of how the God of all holiness can bear to have any of us near him. Someone who is 'My Servant' is presented- who will be among the wicked in his own death, and bring us up to God!

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Behold your God

Is there a more conforting chapter in the Bible than Isaiah 40? Liam traces the movement from the 'uncomfortable' news of chapters 1-39 to the 'comforting' message of the gracious, Messianic God whose visiting of his people rides over every roughshod valley and mountain!