David Robertson
David Robertson David Robertson is the minister of St Peter's Free Church in Dundee Scotland (the church of Robert Murray McCheyne). He is also the editor of 'The Record' and director of Solas Centre for Public Christianity. David has written a contemporary biography of McCheyne entitled 'Awakening', and a response to Richard Dawkins entitled 'The Dawkins Letters'. He enjoys discussing, debating and above all sharing the Christian faith with non-Christians. He shares his ministry with his wife Annabel. They have three children, Andrew (23), Becky (22) and Emma Jane (13).

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Is it possible to know God?

David Robertson

keywords: Religion, formalism, fools, worship, vows

Ecclesiastes 5:1 - 7

After exposing the emptiness of life without God, now Solomon comes up with a religious answer. However there is a form of religion that has no power to change. True worship centres not in the formality of a temple building, but in a right consideration of who God is, and today that means Christ.

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Also by David Robertson

The poverty of wealth

Solomon pictures the Corrupt Society, in which it is believed that money brings satisfaction and security, whereas eating in darkness alone is the ultimate lot of wealthy godlessness. Contrasted with that is the Contented Society – of sharing, and sitting together in the preoccupation of joy and faith, and life with God.