Stephen Lungu

Stephen Lungu

Stephen Lungu from Malawi was left on the streets of Harare in Zimbabwe by his mother, when only eight years old. This led to his entry into gangland life, and to his eventual leadership of a violent gang called The Black Shadows. It was to Christian meeting at a large tent in Harare that he led his comrades, with the avowed intention of blowing it up.

But, through the vibrant witness of a young woman on the platform, and the Gospel message of a Zimbabwe preacher, Stephen – amid chaos and burning around him, went and knelt at the feet of the preacher, laying his guns and bombs before him. It was the start of a new life for him.

Today Stephen is one of the most compelling evangelists in the world. Working in the cities of Africa with African Enterprise – of which he was to become leader - he has won thousands to faith in Jesus Christ. His book Out of the Black Shadows (Monarch Books) is a gripping thriller.

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The God of New Things

keywords: Renewal

Stephen Lungu - though a preacher to thousands of people today - remembers the struggles of his own negative past, as he draws on the account of Joseph of old, in this riveting message about inner healing.
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The God of New Things

keywords: Renewal

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